Meeta Vishnu, CCH, M.S, M.B.B.S

Classical Homeopathy

754 17th Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94121

Phone:  415-987-3600

Phone and Skype consultations are available daily

Meeta Vishnu, Classical Homeopathy

Meeta Vishnu has a family practice and she does homeopathic consultations in her office which is located in the Richmond district in San Francisco. Through this holistic health care method of treatment, she has been treating individuals and families since 2010.

Her background in conventional medicine is invaluable as it strengthens her clinical and observational skills.  In her practice, she considers the diagnosis, test results, and advice of conventional medicine while treating patients with homeopathic remedies.​ 

"I met Meeta at a friend’s house and happened to mention that I had a trigger finger for which surgery had been planned.  She suggested a homeopathic consultation and then gave me a remedy .  This was my first experience with homeopathy, and I was really happy when, after a few days, my finger improved dramatically.  About 2 weeks later, I was able to use it normally.  I definitely recommend consulting Meeta! "– Sam, New York.

"Today I received the CCH Certificate.  A thousand and one thanks to you!

I just wanted to say that I couldn’t have brought to completion the final requirement in timely fashion without your homeopathic knowledge, understanding in depth and unique methodical approach of the homeopathic cases.  You have a way of making things happen while offering friendly and sincere support." – Magdalena, San Mateo

Services provided at Natural Homeopathy:

Homeopathic consultations - Family homeopathy for adults and children for both acute and chronic issues.

  • Seminars in Homeopathy – I conduct seminars for homeopathy for groups of 5 or participants.  During the seminar, I speak about the homeopathic system of medicine followed by a pre-decided topic.  Some examples of seminars – Remedy kit for travel, the homeopathic approach to pain, Common flu remedies.  Seminars may be conducted at private homes, book groups, mothers groups, office setting, physician offices. Each seminar is about an hour long and timings are flexible.

  • Mentoring and advising – I mentor students who are preparing to certify with the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC).  I discuss cases and provide feedback to students allowing them to fulfill the requirements for certification.  I also help them to prepare for the written exam.  Finally, I help newly certified homeopaths to set up their practices in California.

Classical homeopathy

Gentle, safe, and natural healing

Consider homeopathy for symptoms of:

Colds, coughs
Bowel infections

Warts, acne, boils
Ingrown nails, infection
Hormonal issues
Puberty and Menstrual
Uterine and ovarian
Menopausal issues

Childhood / developmental
Colic, diarrhea
Developmental milestones
​Mental and emotional

Stress induced


Asthma / seasonal allergies

Skin allergies, poison oak & ivy

Bee stings and insect bites

Bone and joint problems

Back pain, sciatica

Arthritis - pain and stiffness