Meeta Vishnu, Classical Homeopathy

About me

I always knew that I wanted to practice medicine and to that end, I studied and practiced as a family physician for a number of years. While this practice was rewarding in many ways, it did leave a number of areas which I felt I did not cover completely in my consultations and my treatment of patients.

Even when the particular problem of that moment might have been adequately resolved – temporarily, or permanently, I was not addressing the need to treat the patient on a much deeper level.

Meeta Vishnu, CCH, M.S, M.B.B.S

Classical Homeopathy

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Taking my studies in a slightly different direction, I did graduate work in Biology and followed it up with five years of molecular biology research at UCSF. My experience there was enlightening – both about how much is known by science, and surprisingly, also about how much there is still to explore and discover in this field.

While research has its own rewards, I did want to return to the clinical side of medicine, and finally turned to the age old system of homeopathy. The principles on which homeopathy is based satisfy the need to see and treat the whole person. Also, years of accumulated knowledge of homeopaths and patients all over the world, provides a rich database of experience to draw upon.

I am glad that I took the “scenic route” to homeopathy. My educational background in conventional medicine and molecular biology strengthens my clinical and observational skills. I like to treat patients holistically knowing that I do truly understand them from the molecular to the mental and emotional levels.